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Vocational Education & Training:

Needs Assessment and Program Development: The initial step involves conducting a thorough needs assessment to identify the specific skills and training requirements of individuals or industries. Based on this assessment, vocational education & training providers develop relevant training programs and courses that align with industry standards and workforce demands.

Delivery and Skill Development: Vocational education & training programs are delivered through various methods, including classroom instruction, on-the-job training, online learning, and practical workshops. During this step, learners acquire and develop the necessary skills, knowledge, and competencies in their chosen vocational area. Instructors and trainers guide students through the learning process.

Assessment and Certification: After completing the training program, learners undergo assessment and evaluation to determine their competence in the chosen vocation. This often includes practical assessments, examinations, and on-the-job evaluations. Those who meet the required standards receive certification or qualifications that are recognized by employers and relevant industries, allowing them to enter the workforce with the necessary skills and credentials.

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